10 Biggest Shopping Malls in India

India is known for its rich cultural heritage through out the world. In India the trend of shopping was  markets and bazaars like Monday markets in Delhi , Bazaars in Hyderabad, Street shopping in Kolkata, clothing exhibitions on big grounds  etc. These shopping areas also had petty shop which offers delicious street food. But Lately with the outcome of globalization, brain drains from India and by influence of westerners the shopping culture in India is changed into to form of big malls. Right now in India there are  fantastic and larger shopping malls.  Although general markets offer products of local trade, shopping malls remain special as it provides latest trends with delightful and luxurious experience. There are Best Shopping Malls in India which comprise of global and Indian fashion stores, restaurants, movie theaters and entertainment zone all at one place. They offer good environment along with multi branded outlets which bring latest trends of fashion from traditional wear to trendy clothes with top quality.

As there are many  malls in India which provide unique shopping experience, people visit the them to have a thrilling experience. Following are some of the most popular and prominent 10 Shopping Malls in India which are right now know to be the best ones.

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Malls In India

10. Alpha One Mall, Ahmadabad: It was established in the year 2011 and comprises 12, 00,000 square feet with 220 retail outlets with Indian and International brands. It is the best destination for entertainment lovers. It also has food court and 6 screen multiplexes where you can enjoy a day out with friends or family. One can shop from wide range of top branded outlets and enjoy dining in the food courts. It offers a delightful experience to the shopping lovers.

Alphone - Mall - Ahmedabad

9. DB City Mall, Bhopal: It is the 9th largest shopping mall in India which comprises 1,500,000 square feet area which include many outlets including fun cinemas, shoppers stop, hyper city, McDonald’s, Domino’s Pizza, Pantaloons, Amer Bakery Hut, Big Life, Nike, PUMA, Adidas, Reebok, Max, The Chocolate Room, West side, Amoeba, John Players and many more. It also has Marriot hotel in 3 floors and Audi showroom in its ground floor. It provides luxurious and thrilling experience to the customers with wide range of choices for shopping and dining.

DB - City - Mall - Bhopal

8. Select City walk, New Delhi:  Select City walk is the 8th largest mall in India with about 13, 00,000 square feet area. It was opened in 2007 and has a serviced apartment, office space, and more than 130 retail outlets. It is divided into 3 zones Traditional for Family, High Voltage for youth and Celebration at center stage. It attracts the customers with its world class design and architecture.

Select - Citywalk

7. Z Square shopping Mall, Kanpur: As Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India, there are many shopping lovers too. ZSquare shopping mall is the best shopping site for Kanpur people with wide range of branded outlets of top designs and comprises of many luxurious and entertainment centers for food courts, hotels, movie screens and many retail outlets of top brands in India. It was opened on 2010 with the aim to provide all services at one place.

 ZSquare - Shopping - Mall

6. Great India Place, Noida: It is sixth largest mall in India with amazing architecture. It comprises of 1,500,000 square feet with more than 200 retail outlets. It stands as the best entertainment destination in Noida with centers for grocery, fashion and lifestyle with top brand, Electronics and food courts. It is located in heart of Noida with 6 movie screens operated by BIG Cinemas which offer great feel experience. It has universal class design and architecture and provides an excellent walk through experience for customers.

 Great - India - Place - Shopping - Mall

5. Phoenix Market City , Chennai: Phoenix Market City is top 5th biggest mall in India with 300 stores with many facilities like food courts, Foreign Exchange Counters, amphitheatre, apartment complex, clubs and many retail outlets for shopping. It stands as hot spot for entertainment lovers and also has multilevel car parking facility for customers. It is most sophisticated and well known shopping mall in south India and offers great place to enjoy for shopping lovers.

Phoenix - Market - City - Shopping - Mall

4. Mantri Square mall, Bangalore: It is one of the most famous and biggest shopping mall in south India. It comprises of 1,700,000 square feet area with 250 retail shopping outlets with top brands and multiplex run by INOX along with many entertainment destinations. It is famous for various events and it was opened in 2010. It offers wide range of fashionable wear from Indian and international brands along with many food courts like KFC where one can enjoy a day here with dining and shopping.

 Mantri - Square - Mall

3. Phoenix market City, Pune: Phoenix market City is the third largest shopping mall in India with world class facility. It comprises of 34, 00,000 square feet area with built great design and architecture. It is famous for various events with place for water bodies, public plazas, hospitality, retail store and entertainment. It was started in 2011 in Vimatnagar and attracts people with wide range of facilities like open courtyard, parking zone and playing area for kids.

Phoenix - Market - City - Pune

2. Phoenix Market city, Mumbai: It is 2nd biggest mall in India after lulu mall in Kerala with about 4,000,000 square feet area. It has 600 stores of various Indian and international brands, 14 screen multiplex and 20 restaurants. Its vision is to offer people with best brands, entertainment and convenience all at one place. It offers amazing shopping experience to the shopping lovers with wide variety of national and international brands, food courts and restaurants.

Phoenix - Market - City - Mumbai

1. Lulu International shopping mall, Kerala: It is India’s largest shopping mall opened on March 10th, 2013 located in the center of Cochin City in Kerala state. It is most sophisticated mall which comprises of 5 floors with 365 outlets of various stores along with 9 screen of multiplex theatres, 3 restaurants and other facilities for recreation like Indoor climbing, Rides, 5D cinema, Party halls, Arcade games. One can hang out with friends and enjoy dining and shopping here.

Lulu - International - Shopping - Mall

India provides Popular Shopping Destinations with luxurious facilities and areas for entertainment. There are many multi branded and attractive shopping malls in India which stands as places for fashion and lifestyle. If you want to know more about top shopping malls in major cities you can click here to review.