Top 10 Flowering Trees in India

Flowering trees are highly beautiful that convey the essence of a season through their flowers. The flowers of the beautiful flowering trees are attracted by pollinators and their fruit feeds birds and mammals. At every season they fill the garden with some beautiful flowers and make the look of the garden very pleasant and amazing. There are number of flowering trees in India which adds to the beauty of the nature. So, here is the list of Famous flowering trees in India that you can read.

Best Flowering Trees in India

10. Saraca Indica (Sita-Asoka)

This is one of the famous flowering trees in India. This tree is regarded as the tree of love. From February to May, the bright yellow flowers changes to tones of orange and finally it turns into crimson before it dropping away. The flowers of this tree are very beautiful and very much perfumed. Its components are steroid component and calcium salt. The bark of Saraca indica contains the estrogenic compound ketosterol, used in bleeding purposes and its leaves are beneficial too and are used in hemorrhage, dysentry and other other purposes.

Saraca Indica

Common Name : Sita-Ashoka, Saraca Asoca, Real Ashoka Tree.
Flowering Season: Throughout the year mainly November – March.

9. Lagerstroemia Speciosa – Queen’s Myrtle or Pride of India

This beautiful queen is also considered as one of the famous flowering trees in India. This is also commonly called Crepe Myrtle. This tree is large in size and around 12 meters in height. This is one of the most stunning flowering trees in the world. Flower colors range from white to deep rose and magenta. It attracts  number of butterflies and birds. This tree is also medicinally beneficial and famous in Ayurvedic medicine. It is used to cure uninary infections, blood pressure, for the protection of liver, weight lose and also to check diabetic problems.

Lagerstroemia Speciosa

Common Name:Queen’s Flower, Queen’s Crape Myrtle
Flowering Season:March – May

8.  Plumeria (Gulachin)

This tree is famous in India and it’s used in landscaping. It is also named as the frangipani or “crimson temple tree”. There are two species of crimson tree  the red plumeria and the white plumeria. The leaves of this tree are thick which carries fragnant flowers. These trees are often planted in gardens and are famous in India.

Common Name: Frangipani, Temple Tree, Pagoda Tree
Flowering Season: February to October

7. Lagerstroemia Indica (Arjuna)

This is also famous tree in India and is also named as “crape myrtle”. Crap myrtle is the smaller version of Queen crape myrtle. These two trees have difference in their appearance such as in their size of flowers. This tree gives different colors of flowers like white and many shades of pink, purple, red and lavender. This tree also has some medicinal uses such as its roots are astringnent and used as gargle, its bark is used for the purpose of fever.

Lagerstroemia Indica
Common name: Crape myrtle
Flowers: Summer.

6. Erythrina Indica (Mandara)

This tree is also famous in India. It sheds its leaves when in bloom. There are several species of Mandara like Erythrina suberosa which is seen in drier areas, Erythrina crista seen in gardens and parks and also used in landscaping. The fruit of this tree remain throughout the year and the bright red flowers are so beautiful that it attract a huge number of birds.

Erythrina Indica
Common name: Erythrina Indica
Flowering Season: winter-spring

5. Delonix Regia (Gul Mohur)

This tree is famous all over India. It is a fast growing species and looks stunning when blooms. The leaves of this tree are beautiful and look very awesome. The flat, foot long husk of this tree are very characteristic and persist. Its flowers blooms in summer and is a beautiful place for the birds in summer.

Delonix Regia
Common name :Gulmohur, Peacock flower Tree, Flamboyant Tree
Flowering Season: April to June

4. Cassia Fistula (Amaltas)

This tree is famous in India. Its flowering season is from February to March. The woods of tree are used to make agricultural implements and are also beneficial for medicinal purpose. The pulp of fruit of this tree is used to cure leprosy, heart diseases and abdominal pain and also used as common laxative.

Cassia Fistula
Common Name :Indian Laburnum or Golden Shower
Flowering Season: February to March

3. Butea Monosperma (Palas)

This blooms particularly in Western Ghats region and Central India. It is a beautiful place for the birds as it blooms beautiful f lowers. It sheds its leaves like many other trees before blossoming its beautiful orange flowers. The flowers of this tree looks like parrot peaks so it is also named as “parrot tree.”

Butea Monosperma
Common Name: Palas, Flame of the Forest, Parrot Tree
Flowering Season :January – March

2.  Bombax Ceiba or Bombax Malabaricum (Semul)

This tree is very famous in India. This tree is completely leafless. The fruit appears in the tree during March and April. Its wood is used for the manufacturing of plywood’s, match boxes, sticks etc. This tree is famous in India and it serves many purposes.

Bombax Ceiba
Common Name : Red Silk Cotton, Kapok Tree, Semul
Flowering Season :January – March.

1. Bauhinia Variegata/Bauhinia Purpurea (Kachnar)

This is one of the famous flowering trees in India. It loses its leaves in the winter month. It is also called as orchid tree as it displays its orchid like blossom. The flowers of this tree are very beautiful and it serves different species. These flowers are large in size and are very famous all over India.

Bauhinia Variegata
Common Name :Variegated Bauhinia & Purple Bauhinia
Flowering Season :Feb.-April & June-October.