Top 10 Guitar Brands, Famous Guitar Brands in India

Music is one the most precious gift given by the almighty. Music is the language or sign by which we can use to express ourselves. We can find music everywhere when the wind blows, when cow moons, when the bird sings, and when the drop of water sounds like the beat.

To produce Music and create the melody man has invented some musical instruments. In this process he has created the Guitar. Guitar is the instrument in which by the vibrations of the strings we can amplify the music. It’s an instrument having “a long, fretted neck, flat wooden soundboard, ribs, and a flat back, most often with incurved sides”. The melody produced by Guitar is also depends on the better finishing of its parts and strong pickups. That’s why it’s a vital task to select the best quality of guitar.

In the present scenario many brands are providing the better quality Guitars and serving their customers the best services. Nowadays music industry is demanding better performances. For performing the best people are switching one to other brands. The brands are competing with each others to maintain their selves in to the top 10 chart. So please strike down to your strings for the right notes.


Gibson Guitar

It was founded by Orville Gibson in 1902 as “The Gibson Mandolin-Guitar Mfg. Co., Ltd.” in Kalamazoo, Michigan.    Gibson is known for its innovation and supreme quality. Gibson’s Les Paul is very famous Guitar which creates the wildfire in the hearts of million fans. Gibson is always committed to provide the best quality with minimum disorder in all over the world. To enrich your experience the can prefer this wonderful Guitar.


Fender Guitar

Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender was established this brand in 1946. The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) manufactures the stringed instruments and amplifiers, such as solid-body electric guitars, including the Stratocaster and the Telecaster. This brand is the kings of hearts and getting the popularity from blues to quick rock tempo. Fender’s Precision and Jazz Bass models are now considered to be the standard to which most other electric bass guitars are measured. It’s famous for best guitars which are made ever in the history.


Epiphone Guitar

The Epiphone known for its wonderful tones and flexible in playability. This us manufacturing company was established in 1873 by Anastasios Stathopoulos .instead of rivaled brands like Gibson and Fender Epiphone maintains his empire effectively. Every age group strikes the notes with ease and enjoys the melodious journey.


Ibanez Guitar

This is known as the most versatile brand ever .from acoustic to jazz every format it maintains supremacy.  It was founded in 1957, Nagoya Japan. This brand is always famous for its new technology and amazing ideas in guitars. With the powerful pickups and gorgeous finishing’s it’s available in some affordable prices.


ESP Guitar

Melodious tuning powerful pickups and with supreme body ESP is also famous for its affordable prices. This brand is famous for its quality and best for the lovers of Electronic Guitar lovers. The Japanese company was founded in Tokyo Japan in manufactures some best  brands like  “ESP Standard”, “ESP Custom Shop”, “LTD Guitars and Basses”, “Navigator”, “Edwards Guitar and Basses” and “Grassroots”.


Jackson Guitar

This brand is known by its stylish finishing and gorgeous body. This brand is very attractive bears its founders name Grover Jackson. Grover Jackson founded this brand in 1980. From aggressive to sharp music this guitar is best suited for better to performance. The best musicians also prefer this guitar to play.

 7.B.C. Rich

B C Rich Guitar

This is the coolest looking guitar with awesome pickup, and famous for its performance. It’s famous for bass and heavy metal founded by Bernardo Chavez Rico in 1969.when we talk about metal it’s the king , eagle, the bich, Warlock, Virgin and Mockingbird are legendary designs . It’s known as the best brands ever.

 8.Schecter Guitar-

Schecter Guitar

Schecter Guitar Research Company was founded by David Schecter in1976. This manufacturing company produces large number of electric guitarsbass guitars, and steel-string acoustic guitars, as well as offering hand-built custom instruments and a small line of guitar amplifiers. The schecter known for its schecter “c” shape body. This brand is known for its better quality of wood and handsome finishing.


Carvin Guitar

Carvin is famous for its professional quality guitars, still uses ebony for the construction of fret board. Carvin was founded in 1946 by Lowell Kiesel. This brand is also known for its favoritisms by its customers.


Yamaha Guitar

This multinational corporation manufactures some best models like S series, SG series(SG 5,SG 7),Yamaha RGX and RGZ electronic series etc. this brand is good to use for the beginners and affordable in its prices also. Its quality is good and reliable.

These Guitars are the 10 listed guitars and they are famous for their tremendous performance. They are known for their quality standards and better results.