Top 10 Historical Places in India

India is a land of rich literature and culture with cultural and geographical diversities making it as a largest pilgrim destination. India seems to be the melting pot of different religions, rulers and also emperors who left their mark in the country. These marks seem to be best places where tourists can take a trip and know the cultural importance. If you are looking for famous historical places in India, here you are given with the information of Top Historical Places in India where people from all corners of the world fly India to visit the places every year.

Best Historical Places in India:

Following post gives you the information about Famous Historical Places in Indian which are listed as the world heritage sites.

10. Golden Temple:

Golden  Temple

Golden Temple which is also known as Sri Darbar Sahib or Sri Harmandir Sahib is named after god Hari and Sikhs all over the world visit the temple to pay obeisance. Its foundation is laid by a Muslim Saint Hazarat Mian in 1645 and unlike the other temples its structure is built in the lower level and gates is open on all the four sides for entry and exit. This mandir is built in a 67ft square platform in the centre of the Sarovar tank having door in East, West, North and South. The door is designed with artistic style and the bridge is connected with 13 feet wide pradakshana and the architecture of the building represents the harmony between Hindus and Muslims.

9. Mahabalipuram:

Mahabalipuram  Temple

Mahabalipuram is a town located in Tamil Nadu state near Kanchipuram district at a distance of 60kms from Chennai. The Ancient traders from India going to South East Asia sail from the seaport of Mahabalipuram. It has a group of sanctuaries carved from rock along the coromandel cost during 7th and 8th centuries. All its monuments are generally rock cut and monolithic with Buddhist elements of design. Its pillars are of Dravidian order and its sculptures are the examples of excellent art of Pallava.

8. Buddhist Temple:

Buddhist  temple

Buddhism is a religion which arose during Magadha Kingdom based on the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama. There are two major branches of Buddhism in Srilanka and South East Asia which is named as Theravada, Along Himalayas and East Asia named as Mahayana. Its practice is most common in Ladakh, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim and has been reemerging in India these years. The people who follow Buddhism are called Buddhists. The Vipassana Meditation which is a Buddhist meditation is growing in India along with many institutions by government and private sector is offering courses for their employees.

7.Qutub Minar and Red Fort:

Qutub  Minar

Red Fort

Qutub Minar which means the tallest minar in India is an ancient Islamic site located in Delhi. It is made of red sandstone and marble and the stairs of the tower having 379 steps with 72.5mtrs height with 14.3 diameter. Nagari characters and Parso Arabic inscriptions tells the history of it construction. Red Fort which is controlled by the Indian Army is a large fort complex located in Delhi. It is the residence of Mughal emperors over 200 years back till 1857. It is the largest monument in Delhi attracting thousands of visitors every year. The fort lies along the Yamuna River with moats surrounding all the walls.


sanchi stupa

Sanchi is is a great stupa and is the oldest stone structure in India which is located in Raisen District of Madhya Pradesh. It is a hemispherical structure built over the historical object of Buddha. The construction was seen by Devi, Ashoka’s wife who and it is the venue of her Asoka wedding. This site is well maintained and is open to public from 8AM to 7PM and takes about one and half hours to visit the site and photography, audio guides are available at the site.



Hampi is continued to be a religious centre which is located in northern Karnataka state in India. It is traditionally known as Pampakshetra which also referred as Vijayanagara and Virupakshapura over the years. It is located on the banks of Tungabhadra River and 353 km from Bangalore. Many mineral deposits are present in this location and due to this mining has been conducted for many years which has been threat to these monuments. It has various Hindu temples with different Vedanta mythology and are considered as the best places of worship.

4.Sun Temple:

Sun  Temple

Sun Temple which is also known as Konark Sun Temple is built by Narasimhadeva-I in the year 1250 is having a shape of gigantic chariot. It had carved stone wheels, pillars and walls and is listed in NDTV seven wonders of India. Konark temple which means the Sun god Surya is also called as Black Pagoda by European Sailors. It has 12 pairs of carved wheels with 3mtrs wide which are pulled by 7 pairs of horses. Mayadevi temple and Vaishnavi Temple are the two temples located nearby Konark Temple. It is granted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in the year 1984.


Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves are located in Maharashtra 30 rock cut monuments with its history started about 480BC. All these caves include paintings and sculptures which are the master pieces of Buddhists. It is the world’s greatest historical monuments which are recognized by UNESCO. All the paintings are from 2nd century BC-AD which shows heavy religious influence and incidents from the life of Buddha, Jatakas. People can reach either by air, rail. Jalagaon is the place to drop for Ajanta through train which is the point for all major railway stations.


khajuraho  temple

Khajuraho is a town in Madhya Pradesh which is one of the popular tourist places in India. It is the largest group of temples with combination of medieval and jain which are famous for erotic sculptures and are built by Chandela monarchs. Khajuraho is a Sanskrit word which is derived from the ancient word Kharjuravahaka which means one who carries. These monuments are discovered by UNESCO world heritage and are been considered as seven wonders of India.


taj  mahal

Tajmahal is a tom built by Shah Jahan who is a Mughal ruler during 17th century for the memory of his wife Mumtaz Mahal. It is located in Agra and is considered as one of the most famous buildings in the world and is attracts many tourists. It is selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in the year 2007. This is been damaged by the acid rain where an oil refinery is responsible for most of its damage. But the Supreme Court had put some of the rules in order to protect the beautiful construction being damaged.