Top 10 Indian Recipe Websites 2014

India is well known for its diverse religions, cultures along with famous cuisines. With wide range of soil types, climate and occupations it is best enriched with herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits. Indian food includes wide varieties of tasty dishes with highly tempting aroma and also better known for its spiciness. Even there are many Online Food Websites which make easy way to healthy dishes. It will be helpful for the new beginners as well as for people who want to try new recipes.

Online Recipe Websites include complete information ranging from salads to delicious chicken recipes along with other special features like bachelor recipes, left over dishes, toddler recipes, diabetic recipes and many more. Even you can know regional recipes like Andhra, Bengali, Indo American, Guajarati, and Italian etc. Following are the Best Indian Recipe Sites, which include simple, delicious and healthy dishes that can be made at your home.

Top 10 Indian Recipe Websites

10. Indian Food

About - Indian - Food

Indian food is the website which includes complete information about the Indian recipes from all traditions. It is one of the best Indian site which helps to explore Indian food based on the categories like Vegetarian, Chicken, Sweets, Desserts, Drinks, Rice, Fish, Seafood and many more. If you are a beginner and looking to learn recipes from online sites then this is the best site which offers wide range of varieties along with tips and techniques. For more information log on to

9. Indian

Indian - Food - Recipes

Indian is one of the popular Indian Recipe site with latest and top Recipes. It includes complete information about Indian Curries, Indian chutneys, Indian rice and Indian vegetables. It also offers tools like try our new meal planner, plan a party menu along with option to create own cook books for free. It also provides complete information about the international recipes like Chinese, Greek, Italian, Thai, Mexican and many more. To know the cooking techniques of best dishes visit the official website  which provide thousands of recipe information.

8. Simple Indian

Simple - Indian - Recipes

Simple Indian Recipes is the on-line blog which include delicious homemade recipes.  The site offers to search recipe by category, by region, by ingredients as well. It includes glossary for fish names, fruits, herbs and greens, legumes, spices, nuts and many more. All the recipes techniques are provided on the website and it will be easy for the first timers to cook easily. For further more information log on to

7. Veg Indian

Veg - Indian - Recipes

Veg Indian Recipes is the best online cooking site for the Vegetarians who wish to cook tasty delicious and easy veg recipes. The site include complete recipe information for Soups, beverages, snacks, starters, main dishes, rice dishes, urban and street food along with sweets and desserts. It also provides information about eggless baking cuisines. For more recipes techniques visit the official website

6. Manjula’s

Manjula's - Kitchen

Manjula’s Kitchen is one of the best Indian vegetarian recipe blog. The Videos on site helps to teach cooking with the simple and practical Indian recipes. It also include wide range of cooking varieties from appetizers like Achari paneer and pani puri to Raj Kachori along with preparation techniques for beverages, chat and bread varieties.

5. Indian Food

Indian - Food - Forever

Indian Food Forever is the one of the best Indian website which offers a wide recipe collection of vegetarian, non vegetarian, desserts, mutton, Mughlai, Indo Chinese, low calorie along with micro wave cooking. Delicious Regional traditional foods of Andhra, Bengali, Guajarati, Maharashtrian, Sindhi, Rajasthanani and many more are provided in the site and one can easily search based on the category. Even special festive recipes information along with the food guide is included on the blog. For additional information visit

4. Vah Reh

Vah - Reh - Vah

Vahchef sanjay Thumma is the founder of Vah Reh Vah. The site include information about the Indian and International best Recipes. Indian traditional food cooking techniques from Andhra, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Delhi, Goa, Orissa etc are provided on the website. It also includes exciting recipe videos which help you in easy cooking. The site also includes a blog “Ask Vah Chef” where you have an option to get answers for your queries. For further more information visit the official website .

3. Sailu’s

Silu's - Kitchen

Sailu’s kitchen includes information about the Indian recipes with main focus on the traditional Andhra Cuisine. It includes wide varieties of recipes and cooking techniques for food items ranging from pickles, salads to tandoori and Thai recipes. It also includes techniques for a healthy living along with Kids recipes and Ayurvedic cooking. For more information about cooking techniques and Andhra delicious recipes log on to

2. Sanjeev Kapoor:

Sanjeev - Kapoor

Sanjeev Kapoor is a popular professional chief and TV host in Indian Cuisine. Website Site completely includes information about the all Indian recipes, cuisines, best restaurants and many more. It also provides information about the ingredients especially easy cooking items. The site include glossary about all regional recipes and one can easily sort out their favorite recipes along with cooking tips but there is pay subscription for full access to his site. For Further more recipes and orders visit the official website



It is the India’s top online site for the Indian cuisine. It include thousands of recipes information which can be easily searched by course, by cuisine, by ingredients, by equipment, by cooking method, quick recipes, kids recipes and many more. One can visit  for exciting recipe videos, cook books, special deals and for glossary.