Top 10 Leading Cosmetic Brands in India

The word “Cosmetics” which was once upon a time used only by women has now used as common term over the past few decades. With the growing consciousness to look better, it is now treated as one of the top selling products around the world. Every human dream to look beautiful and  age doesn’t really matter in this case. With increase in the demand for such products there are voracious number of beauty products offered by the companies which help to protect skin from rashes and to get rid of dirt.  Though use of cosmetics enhance the look of a person it equally damages the skin and could cause side effects if the right products is not chosen from a right vendor. Lip liners, perfumes, face creams, skin care, hair care, body lotions, cleansers are the products  which are widely used now a days by many individuals.

To attract the customers, all the cosmetic brands advertise their products with the top celebrities and attractive advertisements. In this case it is quite confusing to choose the best makeup brand in the market. Following are the list of Top 10 Best Cosmetic Brands In India, review them and select the best product from the best brand.

Top 10 Best Cosmetic Companies In India

10. Chambor:

Chambor Cosmetic Products India

Chambor cosmetic brand offers wide range of cosmetic products which ranges from lipsticks to hair colors. Among all its products radiant color, soft texture and skin accentuator are the hottest products offered by Chambor. With latest techniques it offers Chambor color cosmetics which are perfectly offered in terms of radiance of color, softness and endurance of wear.

9.  Elle 18:

Elle18 Cosmetics Products India

Elle 18 is the top chosen brand of young girls. It is an outstanding cosmetic brand which offers 18 ranges of exiting and funky color cosmetics to suit the latest trend. It offers wide range of products and among them eye liners, lipsticks, nail polishes are the hottest selling products.

8. Avon:

Avon Cosmetics Products India

Avon is a US based cosmetic company which offers wide range of best cosmetics for women and it is the world’s largest direct seller. It offers wide range of products like skin care, hair care, color cosmetics and fragrances along with fashion and home products in the name of other recognized brands like Avon color, ANEW, Skin-So soft, Advance Techniques, Avon Naturals and Mark. It offers all its products at an affordable range and stands as one of the best brand.

7. MAC:

Macc Cosmetics Products India

MAC which is abbreviated as “Makeup Art Cosmetics” is an American brand which offers wide variety of products to satisfy the users of all ranges. It is the famous makeup artist cosmetic company and stands as the luxury brand which offer wide range of cosmetic products of  like mascaras, eye liners, lipsticks, face creams, lotions, cleansers and many more make up products along with brushes and make up removers.

6. Maybelline:

Maybelline Cosmetic Brand India1

It is an American cosmetic brand which is owned by French cosmetic giant L’Oreal. It is the first cosmetic brand to introduce mascara and created record with this product. It also offers other products like face creams, lotions, lip liners, lipsticks, nail colors, nail polish along with ancillaries like make up removers. It is the best cosmetic brand which suits all skin types and comes with quality.

5. L’Oreal:

Loreal Cosmetic Brand India

It is the top cosmetic brand which has been promoted by top celebrities across the world. It is the luxury cosmetic brand which offers wide range of products which suits all skin types like lipsticks, lip liners, creams, lotions, skin care, hair colors, sun care and many more stylish L’Oreal products. It offers best cosmetic products in the name of Garnier, Maybelline Newyork, L’Oreal Paris along with other products like Georgio Armani, Lancôme, Vichy etc.

4. Clinique:

Clinique Cosmetic Brand India

It is one of the famous brand which offers wide range of products with special care towards the sensitive skin. It offers products like moisturizers, anti aging, anti blemish products, lip and face products along with fragrances and products for un even skin tones. All the products are manufactured and tested in the laboratory and come with a guarantee of no side effects.

3. Oriflame:

Oriflame Cosmetic Brand India1

It is the best brand which manufactures skin products which are made from plant extracts. It uses many ingredients which are extracted from fruits, flowers and plants and tend to offer beauty with natural products. It offers wide range of products like skin care, color cosmetics, fragrances, personal care, hair care, accessories and wellness. It manufactures and sells its products only through the company stalls and are not available in general cosmetic shops.

2. Revlon:

Revlon Cosmetic Brand India

It is one of the first and the oldest international brand which offers extensive range of sophisticated products like color cosmetics, skin care, fragrance, personal care, hair care along with brushes, mirrors and many more. It offers the products with top quality and stands as the best chosen women cosmetic brand of all ages.

1. Lakme:

Lakme Cosmetic Brand India

It is one of the top multinational cosmetic brands with highest market share. It offers wide range of products like eyeliners, lipsticks, nail colors, nail tints, sun protection creams, skin lightening creams, moisturizers, lotions, eye shadows and many more. It best suits everyone’s complexion and it is the best preferred cosmetic brand by famous film stars too.