Top 10 Reasons to Play Chess

Chess is a game which develops your concentration and improves your level of thinking. There are number of people who play chess and practice it throughout the year. As chess is not reliant on age and has no need of retirement, this game is played by people of all age groups. You may be wondering why do people play chess and what interests them?

Here is the list of reasons why people play chess and what interests them to do this.

Reasons to Play Chess

10.  Socialisation


This game always requires you to play against somebody unless the gamer chooses to play in computer. When you play with the other person, it leads to communication, interaction and social transactions. Whether you attend tournaments or you choose to play in clubs, this game helps in socialisation. This is one of the reason that you should play chess whenever you are free.

9. It’s Fun

Its Fun

Chess is one of the interesting games. Chess never repeats itself and never makes you feel boring. It’s a game which even you can choose to play online. The online site like is an awesome site in which you can enjoy playing chess. Playing chess is fun and is great when you win.

8. Improves your level of learning

Improves Level of Learning

It improves your level of learning as this game includes many strategies and lot of logical thinking, the more you practice the game, the more you can increase your level of learning which will also help in other aspects as well.

7. Imagination and Creativity

Imagination and Creativity

This game also improves your imagination and creativity. Chess has so many possible outcomes and so many strategical paths to go down, a chess players imagination and creative sense is tested through this game. So, if you play it frequently it helps to improve your way of imagination, your intelligence and thinking in the game.

6. Improves memory

Improves Memory

Chess is one of the difficult sports to play. It requires lot of ability to store and gain information by the memory. With so many different variations to play, players need to memorise and follow certain strategies to deal with the opponent as a result works in improving memory. This is one of the top reasons that one should choose to play chess among any other game.

5. Patience and concentration

Patience and Concentration

This game enhances concentration and patience. Without concentration and patience you cannot win against your opponent. This game requires many tricks to follow and strategies to remember so if you cannot concentrate and have patience you will not able to succeed. This is also considered as one of the great reasons that one should choose to play chess.

4. Promotes studying

Promotes Studying

This game is like studying, the more you practice the game, the better you can be. It keeps you in competition. It increases the chances for a player to win against an opponent. Chess players are able to apply this to other things as well as they get used to it. This game puts you in competition and hence it develops a habit of practice. This is one such reason to play chess.

3. Teaches independence

Teaches Independence

Chess is an individual sport. The more you practice, the more you can win the game. You can join coaching centres or you can go to clubs to make yourself fit for the game. This naturally teaches independence and develops your way to count on yourself and not others around you. This is also one of the reasons that one should play chess.

2. Improves subjective knowledge

Improves Subjective Knowledge

This game also helps in improving subjective knowledge of a student. For a student, this game helps to improve in subjects like Maths and Science. These are the subject in which either you go wrong or you choose to be right. Chess as a game also deals with such things. The more you play chess, you mind will start to understand the strategies and calculation this on the other way can also help to improve your subjective knowledge.

1. Logical thinking

Logical thinking

This game is based on logical thinking and it develops logical thinking of a player. The more you develop your logical thinking, the fewer mistakes you do and you point out your opponent’s mistake and the chances to doing blunders will also be less. Hence this game helps in developing logical thinking. This is one of the reason to play chess.