Top 10 Sweets & Desserts in India

Most of the Indian Sweets and Desserts are influenced by the religious and cultural choices of the people. With range of diversities and traditions India remains as a hot spot for delicious cuisine. Among all recipes desserts remain always special which include special festive sweets to regular Gulab Jamoon. Mostly sweets are prepared to mark special events and ceremonies which will bring charm to the occasions. In India Desserts are not only a part of our routine meal but they are also offered in many places of worship which remain always special like Boondi ladoos at temples, Khada Prasad at Gurudwars. Irrespective to the north and south regions sweets are the most loved items in India.

Sweet dishes might have originated in some place but becomes popular at another place. Some desserts are available throughout the year irrespective of occasions. Following are the list of 10 Best Indian Sweets, which are the most delicious and favorite items of Indians.

Popular Indian Sweets and Desserts

10. Gulab Jamun:

Gulab Jamun Recipe

It is one of the best dessert in India which is loved by most people. It is mainly prepared by using Khoya and Flour. Little Flour is taken and it is kneaded into dough by using milk. After 10 min it is shaped into balls and deep fried in ghee/oil and soaked in sugar syrup flavoured with green cardamom, rosewater and saffron. It is mostly prepared during the festive seasons and most people love its delicious sweet taste.

9. Halwa:

Halwa Dessert

Halwa is the well known and most popular dessert in almost all regions. Even we see commonly in religious ceremonies. It is a soft sweet which melts in mouth which tastes delicious. It tastes yummy in either ways hot and cool but the cold ones tend to harden a bit. The main ingredients of this sweet are floor, utter, milk or water. It is prepared by using different varieties like Gaajar, Moongdal, Doodhi/Lauki ka Halwa and Atta ka halwa it tastes differently but stands outstanding in all varieties. After its preparation it is finally garnished with grated dry fruits which brings excellent look to the dish.

8. Ladoo:

Ladoo Dessert

Ladoo is popular in almost all regions in India. It stands as a symbol of celebration and it is the first preferred sweet in almost all occasions. It is usually made of flour which is combined with sugar and other flavorings and by using ghee it is finally molded into balls which offer excellent taste. Many varieties of ladoos are prepared and Indian varieties include rava ladoo, nariyal ladoo, panjiri ladoo, boondi ladoo, churma ladoo, moti chur ladoo, besan ladoo, suji ladoo, panji ladoo, atta ladoo and many more. It is most famous during the Ganesh festival where it stands as a tradition to prepare heavy weighed Ladoos.

7. Shrikhand:

Shrikhand Dessert In India1

It is an important dessert of Gujarathi and Maharashtri which tastes delicious when served chilled. It can be eaten as a side dish with Poori and it can be made very simple which is made of strained Yoghurt. Its sweet aroma attracts the desert lovers and on addition of saffron and dry fruits offers yummy taste. Fresh fruits like pine apple, mango and flavors like cardamom, saffron, butterscotch, Badam, Pista can be added to offer best taste.

6. Rasmalai:

Rasmali Dessert In India

It originated in Bengal but stands as one of the top most favorite dish to all desert lovers. Rasmalai are sweet sugary white, cream of yellow colored balls of cottage cheese soaked in clotted cream. Flavors like cardamom and saffron are added to bring good taste and it remains as an outstanding dish when served chilled.  It is one of the best dessert which relives heat from the body, so people love eating during summer.

5. Sandesh:

Sandesh Dessert In India

It is a super hit Bengali sweet which is made with sweetened cottage cheese and flavored with cardamom and kesar. It can be prepared easily and stands outstanding when served chilled. Sandesh can be prepared by blending the paneer with khoya and sugar and made into dough. Even you can use the back of a katori to mashhem together. Finally mix flavoring agent Elachi and set in a layer about half inch thick thick and refrigerate till it set and cut into squares or diamonds and serve. It is the most loved dessert by Bengali’s as it offers yummy taste.

4. Barfi:

Barfi Dessert India

Barfi is the most commonly available sweet in Indian sweet shops. It is believed to be originated in Persia and was introduced in India during Mughal reign. It is made of condensed milk, powdered sugar and ghee and cooked until it solidifies. Finally it is flavored with cardamom or rose water to offer excellent aromatic flavor and garnished with grated nuts and coated with fine layer of edible silver leaf. After cooling it can be cut into round or square shapes. Barfi can be prepared in different varieties like kaju barfi, khoya barfi, chocolate barfi, gajar barfi, doda charm, besan barfi, doda barfi and much more.

3.  Kulfi:

Kulfi Dessert India

Kulfi is the most popular Indian dessert which is famous in almost all regions. It tastes delicious when served chill and available in different flavors like badam, kesar, kaju, pista along with apple, vanilla, orange, avocado, rose and much more. It looks like an ice cream but tastes delicious in all flavors. It is made from thickened milk and sometimes served with noodles. Matka Kulfi is famous which is prepared in earthen pots which offer yummy taste.

2. Jalebi:

Jalebi Dessert India

Jalebi is the most popular sweet in India which attracts people by its golden color strings. Main key ingredients are Maida flour and sugar. It is easy to prepare which includes Maida flour is made into dough and deep fried in oil in circular shape and then soaked in syrup which tastes sweet and satisfy everyone’s with its delicious taste when served hot. It is one of the most popular dishes and it will be available in every sweet shop in India.

1. Rasgulla:

Rasgulla Dessert India

Rasgulla is the best dessert in India which is originated in Odisha and commonly called as rosogulla. It is the first syrupy Indian cheese dessert with cheese, sugar and rose water as key ingredients. It is prepared by making the cheese balls from dough and is cooked in sugar syrup. Rose water is added to offer a unique taste to the dish and offers the best taste when served chilled.