Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries, National Parks in India

National parks are the protected areas that hold wide range of animals from the endangered species to the regular ones. Mainly they are maintained to safe guard the conservation of the rare species of wild life with special protection. India holds many popular national parks where most of them allow visitors that offer outdoor recreation and camping opportunities. World’s largest national park is “Northeast Greenland National Park” established in 1974. Apart from the amazing experience and enjoyment on watching the rare animals like tigers, elephants, leopards etc, national parks also aims to educate the public on importance of conservation and natural wonders of the land. Following are the list of Best 10 National Parks In India that holds wide range of animals and bird species.

Top 10 Wildlife Sanctuaries In India

10. Nagarhole National Park:


It is one of the famous national parks located in Kodagu, Karnataka. It was established in 1988 that run under Government of India and it is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve. It is declared as Tiger reserve under project tiger mission carried out by Government. It has been named as Rajiv Gandhi national park and major species found in the forest are tiger, Indian bison, elephants, wild jackals, bear and deer. It also has rich forest cover, small streams, hills, valleys and waterfalls.

Address: Kodagu, Karnataka.

9. Sundarban National Park:


It is located on the delta of Ganga River in Kolkata and is famous for Bengal Tiger. It was established in 1984 mainly to conserve the endangered species mainly tigers and hosts more than 400 Bengal tigers along with other species like Cats, leopards, reptiles, birds, monkeys, wild boar, deer, chital etc can also be found in the forest. It is spread over 54 islands and extends into in to neighboring Bangladesh. It is the only national park in India that provides boat access which offers thrilling experience to the visitors.

Address: Santigachi, West Bengal-743370.

8. Ranthambore National Park:


It was established in the year 1973 by government of India in Rajasthan. It is mainly a tiger reserve park that was established to conserve the endangered species and holds wide range of animals that include Tiger, leopard, chital, hyena, beer, and various wild birds. Best season to visit the Ranthambore Park is the month of October to March. Park is very popular as it is located near to Delhi and it is overcrowded during weekends. It is characterized by rocky plains and steep cliffs and supports wide range of floura and fauna.

Adress: Sawai Madhopur, Rajasthan, India.

7. Rajaji National Park:


It is one of the popular national parks in Uttarakhand that was established in 3 major districts of Uttrakhand Haridwar, Pauri Garhwal and Dehradun in the year 1983. It holds wide range of animals and birds species that is famous for species like elephant, tiger, leopard, jackal, sambar, hyena, deer and python. Even forest holds 10 forest rest houses within the park with best facilities for the tourists. Best season to visit the park is from Mid November to Mid June as it winter season features the more pleasant temperature making it convenient to visit the park.

Address: Bukundi, via Chila and Kaudia village, Uttarakhand.

6. Namdapha National Park:


It is one of the largest national parks located in Changlang, Arunachal Pradesh in 1974. It is wide spread across 1985 and stands as home for wide range of animals including mammals like leopards, tiger, bears, deer, sambar, Rhesus macaques and red panda. It holds wide range of flour and fauna and it also hosts famous root parasites Sapria and Balanophora related to Rafflesia family are recorded from this park.

Address: Director, Namdapha Tiger Reserve, MV Road, Arunachal Pradesh-792122
5. Bandipur National Park:


Bandipur is a tiger reserve and a national park located in Bandipur near Mysore, Karnataka. It aims to protect the endangered species in the country and is wide spread across 874 area. It includes animal species like Tiger, leopard, elephant, chital, sambar, python, viper’s snakes etc. It is a part of Nilgiri Biosphere reserve that is spread across 2, 183 and welcomes number of tourists every year and is best known for its wildlife that holds many types of plants, animals and soil organisms.

Address: Bandipur, Ooty Road, Mysore, Karnataka-571121.

4. Indravati National Park:


It is one of the famous Tiger reserve located near Bijapur district and spread across 2799 square Kilometer area. It aims to preserve the endangered species like tiger, wild Asian buffalo including leopards, wild dog and hyenas and many more. It is the only tiger reserve in the state that runs under famous Project Tiger of India and aims to become one of the most famous tiger reserves of India. It holds wide range of floura and fauna in the park and it is a must visit place for the wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Addresss: Dantewada, Chhattisgarh 494444

3. Jim Corbett national Park:


It is one of the oldest and popular national parks located in Nanital. It was established in the year 1936 and includes more than 400 different species of animals spreading across 520 sq.Km area. It holds wide range of animal species from common ones to the rare species that includes giant elephant, tiger, deer, jungle cat, otters, Rhesus macaques, owls and many more. It is one of the best tourist destinations that offer amazing experience of watching animals. It attracts many tourists every year and holds wide range of animals, birds and plants.

Address: Nainital, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand-244715

2. Bandhavgarh National Park:


It is one of the oldest and largest national parks founded in the year 1968 and holds wide varieties of animals including major species like Royal Bengal Tiger, wolf, leopards, Deer and Elephant. It offers elephant and jeep safari that offers incredible experience on watching wild animals and birds closely. Park holds rocky hill ranges, running roughly east west, broken terrain, wide spread grassy swamps and forest valleys that offer amazing experience on visiting the park in the months of October to July.

Address: Bandhavgarh, MP 484665, Gohadi, Madhya Pradesh- 484665

1.Kanha National Park:


It is one of the largest and famous national park located in Mandla, Madhyapradesh. It was established in 1995 and holds wide range of animals and birds with major species like Royal Bengal tiger, wild dog, leopard and deer. It is mainly tiger land with several tigresses occupying the major area of the park. It welcomes number of tourists every day and offers best experience in visiting during the months of February to June month. Shravan Tal, Shravan Chita, Macha Dongar, Bamni Dadar are famous for breathtaking sunset view and park also holds a museum/orientation center in the middle of the park. Travelling on Open vehicles and on elephant backs are allowed in the park that offers amazing experience.

Address: Mangitola-Mukki Gate, Mukki, SH 11, Gunegaon, Madhya Pradesh- 481111.