Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals In India

Cancer is also known as “malignant neoplasm” in scientific terms, it is considered as a dangerous disease but if it is detected in the early stage it will be helpful for the patients. Many patients across the world are attacked by the cancer and lose their life without treatment and a lot got treated and living normal life again. If it is detected in the early stage it can be treated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, surgery along with many other modern methods. India is providing best hospitals for cancer treatment with world class features along with affordable and effective treatment. It offers possible ways to overcome the disease and to get in to normal life again.

India offers many cancer hospitals with expertise doctors and staff which help in treating the patients with the latest techniques and decreases the risk to patient’s life. Following are the Top 5 Best Cancer Hospitals In India.

Top Cancer Hospitals In India :

5. P.D. Hinduja National Hospital, Mumbai: It is one of the best and the oldest cancer care hospital which offers best treatment to all types of cancers. It is equipped with the best trained staff and offers treatment with better care. It includes basic medical and radiation oncology departments with excellent facilities offered for the patients who come from various parts of India. Treatment is given for all types of cancer including bladder cancer surgery and radical prostate cancer surgery. It offers basic services like breast screening, early diagnosis, leucoplakia management, hematuria management, early prostate cancer diagnosis, stoma rehabilitation and many more.


4. Regional Cancer Center, Thiruvananthapuram: It is the cancer care hospital and research institute which runs under Government sector of Kerala. It offers excellent treatment for the cancer patients who comes from various parts of India. It includes excellent facilities like hematology clinic, lympho reticular clinic, clinics for treatment of cancers of soft tissue, bone, head and neck, breast along with cancers of CNS, gynaec, urinary, chest, gastro etc. It offers treatment with the advanced treatment techniques like micro selection, fiber optic endoscope; auto analyzer, micro selection and blood cell counter by the expert professionals and strive to prevent cancer. It treats the patients at affordable price and offers better assistance to the patients.


3. Apollo Cancer Hospital, Chennai: Apollo cancer Hospital is one of the best cancer care hospital in the Chennai and also have many branches across India. It offers the cancer treatment with world class facilities and expertise staff. It also includes specially trained medical counselors, speech therapists, dieticians and other professionals to provide support to doctors. It offers excellent treatment with modern techniques and even provides extra support to the patients which help in speedy recovery. It provides faster treatment delivery and includes blood and bone marrow transplantation center along with Oncology unit at Apollo hospitals.


2. Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology, Bangalore: It is one 2nd largest regional cancer care hospital which runs under Government sector. It provides excellent services to the cancer patients and treats the diseased by medical and surgical radiotherapy. It also includes diagnostic and laboratory services for the patients and with well equipped staff and accommodation it stands as one of the best cancer hospital. It strives for the prevention of cancer and creates awareness by conducting social welfare programs. It offers radiological imaging technology by using techniques like ultrasound, CT Scanners, MRI and more. The medicines sold by the Kidwai hospital are cheaper than the market rate.


1. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai: It is one of the best cancer treatment centers in India which is associated with Advanced Center for treatment, Research and education in Cancer (ACTREC). It offers advanced treatment to the patients and strives for prevention, education and research in cancer. It provides diagnostic facilities and treatments which include radiotherapy, chemotherapy, rehabilitation and care. It claims to treat and cure 99% of A.L.L patients and it is one among the few hospitals which holds P.E.T scanner. About millions of people from India as well from other countries visit the clinics every year; it has a record of treating almost 70% of the patients with no charges.