Top 5 Best Laptop Brands in India

Laptops are the portable devices that are used in variety of settings including work, education and personal multimedia. Nowadays they are replacing the personal computer with its advanced features. In view of their usage many companies are launching new products with best features and specifications in order to sustain in the global market. Among all other brands Laptop industry is ruled by Lenovo, HP, Dell, Acer and Sony as they offer wide range of quality products with best modern features when compared to the other models.

As there are wide ranges of models in the market, one should be careful in choosing the right Laptop based on the category of use either for business purpose or education purpose. Following are the list of Best 5 Laptop Brands In India that offer best models along with modern features.

Top 5 Laptop Companies in India

5. Acer: Acer is a Taiwanese multinational electronics and hardware company that offers desktop and laptop PCs, tablet computers, servers, storage devices, displays, smartphones and many other peripherals. It is the fourth largest PC vendor in the world and offers latest featured laptops or notebooks under 2 categories like Ultra thin and notebooks.

Acer Laptop

Acer Note Books: Note books offered by Acer best suits for students and entertainment as it includes best features like windows 8 OS, i3 or i7 processor, best audio, 500 or 750 GB hard disk, HD clarity and many more. It comes in 2 series, namely

  • AspireE
  • Aspire R

Acer Ultrathin: It comes with thin and light weighed models along with the best modern features. It includes following series of models:

  • Aspire S7
  • Aspire S3
  • Aspire V5
  • Aspire P

4. HP: Hewlett-Packard is the leading multinational company and one of the world’s leading PC producer. It offers wide range of laptops, PC’s, monitors, Printers and many more with best quality and modern features. Hp laptops are featured with Intel processor, HD, touch screen, energy star qualified and blu- ray. Hp laptop models are classified based upon the categories of use like business, everyday computing, high performance, x-mobility and style, premium entertainment, touch screen, ultra book/ sleek book. HP Envy is the top selling laptop that includes advanced features like windows8, i3 or i5 or i7 processor and 500 GB hard disk. Following are the types of laptops offered by HP:

HP Laptop

  • HP Envy: Hp Envy Touch smart
  • HP Pavilion: HP Pavilion Touch smart
  • HP Detachables
  • HP chrome book
  • HP 15
  • HP 1000/2000

3. Dell Laptops: Dell is a leading multinational company that offers wide range of quality products. Laptops are one of the best products offered by the company with best features along with affordable range. It is known to be the largest PC vendor in the world and offers wide range of electronic goods with the advanced features. Following are the types and models of laptops offered y the company:

Dell Laptop

  • Inspiron series: Z series, R series, 7000 series, Inspiron, Out-the-go and ultra book, Touch laptops, Alienware
  • Vostro Laptops
  • Latitude Laptops
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstations

2. Sony Laptops: it is one of the top brand that produces wide range of electronic goods. It is a Japanese based multinational company that offers best featured laptops with latest specifications for both categories like business and education. VAIO is the brand name offered for the laptops by Sony and one can choose the model based on the category of use like business, entertainment and student. It launches new models with best features like slim design, light weight oriented, sharpness and sound clarity like x-Loud, Clear Phase and VPT, S-Force surround sound and many more. Following are the main series of Sony VAIO Laptops:

Sony Laptop

Business/ mobile category

  • VAIO duo 11 series
  • VAIO s series
  • VAIO t series
  • VAIO y series
  • VAIO z series

Lifestyle category

  • C series
  • E series

1.Lenovo: It is a Chinese company that offers wide range of goods and are better known for its quality. It is the world’s leading producer of Lenovo personal computers which comes with best features. It also offers wide range of electronic goods like tablets, smart phones, work stations, servers, storage devices, TV’s and IT management software.  It is the leading producer of laptops that offers wide range of models with best features along with warranty. Lenovo offers stylish laptops in following models.

Lenovo Laptop

Idea pad laptops: It comes with the best features that include latest processor, graphics, one key theatre, rapid drive SSD, high definition input/output, ambient light sensor, high quality display and Dobly audio technology along with the stylish designs. They are thin, light and come in wide range of colors that suits the modern man. Following are the main series of Idea pad:

  • Y Series: Y500, Y510p
  • Z Series: IdeaPad Z510, IdeaPad Z500, IdeaPad Z580
  • U Series: U310, U410, U510
  • S Series: S210, S300, S405
  • Yoga Series: Yoga 11S, Yoga 11, Yoga 13
  • Flex Series: Flex 10, Flex 14

Thinkpad laptops: Thinkpad laptops feature best quality and more reliability and holds advanced features like advanced processer, sturdy aluminum construction, Intel core i7, 8 GB RAM, 7 hours battery life, passes 8 mil-spec test, robust security features, 720 p HD web cam, dual micro phones, mobile hot spot, Dolby home theatre, rapid boost 2.0 along with the award winning keyboard features. It includes following series:

  • T Series: T430s, T430u,T440p
  • X Series: X1 Carbon, X131e (AMD), X230
  • ThinkPad Edge Series: E431
  • ThinkPad Twist Series: ThinkPad Twist
  • L Series: L430, L530
  • W Series: W530

Essential: These are the perfect entry level PC’s that features best qualities like windows 7OS, Intel HD graphics, wide screen, optical drive, i3 or i5 processor, integrated web cam, usb port, SD card reader, high storage, wireless connectivity, accu type key pad, and 6 hours of battery life and includes the following series like:

  • G Series, G510, G500, G500s, G505, G505s, G585, G580
  • B Series: B490, B590