Top 5 Best Sanitaryware Brands in India

Nowadays with the modernization many changes have been made in designing of buildings, interior decors and architecture. Every element is considered as the important segment along with the sanitary ware. People consider Bathrooms as important places like other rooms and are decorated with the beautiful tiles and modern sanitary ware from top brands. As we spend more time in the bathrooms to be fresh and cool, there are lots of brands available in the market to provide stylish products that changes the appearance of the home. Following are the best selling top sanitary brands in the market that offer high quality products with best features.

Top Sanitary Brands In India

5. Kohler:

Kohler India

It is one of the leading company founded by John Michael Kohler that offers best featured products  for kitchen and bath, furniture and tile, engines and generators, golf and resort destination etc. It offers stylish and best quality bath room products like accessories, bathing, bidets, showers, lavatories along with faucets and fixtures. Kohler holds many branches in different countries that produce wide varieties of stylish kitchen and bath room products. Following are the list of sanitary products offered by the Kolher.

  • Bathroom faucets
  • Bidets
  • Bathroom sinks
  • Toilets
  • Toilet seats
  • Artistic edition products
  • Furniture and storage
  • Bathroom accessories
  • Shower
  • Commercial bathroom products

4. H&R Johnson:

H & R  Johnson

It runs with the slogan “Redefining Lifestyle” and offers best featured products since 1958. It is a innovative company that develops exclusive designs that redefines lifestyle.  Milano instant shower is the first product offered by the company and after its success it also includes bathroom products and accessories. It offers bath room range products like wellness products, Faucets and sanitary ware. Following are the sanitary products offered by the company

  • European collection: Omni suites, eco flush, floor mounted coupled closets, wall hung coupled closets, wall hung closets, vanity basins, wash basins and pedestrials and urinals.
  • Germ free collection: Floor mounted coupled closets, wall hung coupled closets, wall hung closets, vanity basins, wash basins and pedestrials and urinals.
  • Seat covers: Coupled closets, wall hung coupled closets , EWC’s, under counter basins, wash basins and pedestrials and urinals
  • Flushing tanks: germ free super flush tank, dual flush tank, super single flush tank, ultima single flush tank
  • Seat covers: Anglo Indian seat covers, opal EWC seat cover, PS01 EWC solid seat cover, germ free soft close seat cover, seat cover for tapaz coupled, D shaped seat cover, Eco EWC seat covers.
  • Allied products: Jumbo bolt, outlet rubber gasket, luxar bolt.

3. Parryware:

Parryware India

It is the first company to launch Cascade cistern modern which had become trendsetter in that category. First it is known for the sanitary ware products but now it is transforming itself into a bathroom solutions provider. It also offers products like faucets, wellness products, allied products, furniture and electronic toilets. It holds 5 manufacturing units across India and continues to be the most respected sanitary ware brand with best featured products like

  • Closets: Single piece, wall hung, EWC, bidets etc.
  • Basins: Bowl, pedestal, semi recessed
  • Conventina: Hand rails, hinged arms
  • Urinals: Waterless urinals, traps and footrests

2. Hindware:

Hindware India

HSIL stands for Hindustan Sanitary ware & Industries Limited which is the first company in India to introduce vitreous china sanitary ware. Hindware is one of the popular brands in sanitary segment that offers dynamic designed products with innovative technology. It offers other products like faucets, amore wellness collection, tiles, kitchen appliances and extractor fans. It is the first company to be felicitated with UPC star rating by the international Association of Plumbing and Mechanical officials in 2012 and also honored with the ‘Best Bathroom Fixtures’ Good Homes Award by ZEE channel in 2013. QUEO is the luxury product offered by the company with best features and stylish look. It offers following products in sanitary segment.

  • Wash basins: Counter top, wall hung, semi recessed, pedestal etc.
  • Water closets (wc):One piece, two piece, standard etc
  • Cisterns: Ceramic, auto, designer, concealed etc.
  • Products for differentially abled: Matrix wb and EWC
  • Bidets: Wall mounting and floor mounting
  • Kids series: Urinals, sinks


Cera India

Cera is the leader of all the sanitary ware products in India and is best known for its quality products. It offers wide range of products like tiles, faucets, wellness, kitchen sinks, mirrors, personal care products along with wide range of sanitary products. From 1980, cera started producing highest standards of quality products to withstand among all other brands. Cera even holds a website for the customers to design their own bathrooms in 2D and 3D and places orders online. It has been awarded as the best product of the year in 2012 among many other top brands in the country. Cera products are stylish with best featured products like:

  • EWC: Electronic, one piece, two piece, two piece wall hung, bidets, squatting pans etc.
  • Special needs: Crane, shower chair, grab bar, wall mounted rail etc.
  • Kids range: Cindrella premium, Cindrella junior etc
  • Wash basins: One piece, wooden vanity, cabinets, counter, table top etc.
  • Urinals: Urinal-5004, 5001, 5013, 5005 etc
  • Cisterns: Concealed, plastic and ceramic
  • Seat cover: Hybrid and plastic
  • Sensor: 6919 sensor tap, electronic flushing system, sensor tap deluxe etc.
  • Bath accessories:Rag bolts, CI chairs