Top 5 Cheap Gold Loan Companies In India

As Gold is the valuable metal many companies prefer to keep it as a surety item and offers loan to the people who are in need. It is an instant process where the companies offer ready cash to the customer in order to fulfill their financial requirements. Nowadays many companies are offering gold loans with flexible payments along with low interest rate, no certification of income, easy process as well as they returns gold after the payments have been completed. Even companies provide In-house gold evaluation to check them and offer safe custody of gold ornaments in strong rooms. With all these advantages people prefer to choose the gold loans from the trusted companies.Following is the list of Best Gold Loan Companies in India that offers gold loans with low interest rates along with other benefits.

Cheap Gold Loan Companies In India

5.  SBI Gold loan:

SBI Gold Loan

SBI is India’s largest bank that offers best banking services along with the loan facilities to the individuals who are in need. It offers loan amount of Rs 10 lakhs on gold loans for the farmers along with other individuals with low interest rate. It is the reputed bank that offers loans to the individuals by providing the required documents like witness letter in case of illiterate borrowers and 2 passport size photographs along with gold loan application.

4. HDFC Gold loan:

HDFC Gold Loan

HDFC is one of the leading banks that offer wide range of services like loans, cards, investments, insurance, premium banking and many more. It provides fast gold loans for all individuals by placing the ornaments in the branch. It provide loans and charges with easy process like depositing just one ID proof along with 2 passport size photographs at the counter. Even HDFC bank offers special interest rates for women customers with no EMI and lowest monthly outflow.

3. Union Gold Loan:

Union Gold Loan

Union Gold loan is provided by the leading Indian bank Union Bank to the needy farmers along with the individuals who are in financial need. All individuals are eligible for the gold loans offered by the bank with the lending rate of Rs 1800 per gram gold ornaments of 22carats or if it is less then bank decides the rate. Loan amount consumption is up to Rs.2000 and for the Non-Priority Sector loan amount is maximum Rs.5 lakhs on special cases.

2. Manappuram gold loan:

Manappuram Gold Loan

Manappuram Finance is the India’s one of the largest and highest credit rated gold company that offers hassle free loan against gold or cash against jewellery.Along with gold loans it also provide other services like money transfer and foreign exchange. It holds 3,300 branches and 15 lakhs customer service base and offers loans with minimum requirement of recent voter ID/Ration card. It provide loans up to 1 crore instantly by pledging the gold ornaments in the branch. It also features low interest rate along with different gold schemes.

1.Muthoot gold loan:

Muthoot Gold Loan

Muthood Finance Ltd is the trusted company that offer wide range of services like Gold loan, Gold coins, M Power card, Money transfer, Foreign exchange, Travelsmart and wealth management services. It is the largest gold financing company in India that provides personal and business loans to the individuals who are in need by secure gold jewellery. It delivers fast loans within 5 min ranging from Rs 1500 to 1 Crore with no processing fee and low interest rate of 1% .It is the top gold loan provider that serves 80,000 customers daily with minimal documentation and pre-payment option without any penalty.