Top 5 Ice Hockey Shin Guards

Ice hockey is one of the interesting sports to play and it also requires some good equipment for protection and one among them is shin guards. Many brands like Easton, Reebok, and Bauer offers some best quality of shin guards with top-class features. Here is the list of Best 5 Ice Hockey Shin Guards that you can read and explore.

Ice Hockey Shin Guards for a Hockey Player

5.Warrior Franchise Sr

Warrior Franchise Shin Guards

This is one of the good shin guard for a hockey player. This shin guard provides some special features; its kneecap system helps the player to avoid hypertension and the ribbed high- density foam provides protection even for side calves. The shell of the shin guard is vented for the purpose of proper breathability.  It comes in colors white, yellow and many more.
4. Sher-Wood T90 Sr

Sher Wood T90
This shin guard is an option for those who prefer a good quality of shin guard but in lesser price. This shin guard offers substantial protection and superior stability to the player and is one of the best shin guards in terms of price range and better features.
3. Easton Stealth RS Sr

Eastern Stealth RS SR
This is one of the best shin guards. These shin guards provide higher level of comfort and satisfaction. These extremely versatile, stylish shin guards have features such as removable liners that cradle the lower leg. These shin guards are rated best for practice and recreational use.These shin guards are light in weight, comfortable to use and is one of the best guards for wear.

2. Bauer Supreme TotalOne Sr

Bauer Supreme Total One
These shin guards are protective and versatile to use. The features of this shin guard helps in the constant movement in the ice without creating any difficulty for a player. It also helps in better energy absorption and a Thermo-Max liner for moisture wicking, makes them extremely comfortable to wear.
1. Reebok Kinetic Fit 11K Sr

Reebok Kinetic fit 11k Sr
These shin guards provide extra high protection to a player. The knee-cap also provides extra ankle protection, lockstrap to reduce extra hypertension and it also have a reinforced foam liner. This is also considered as one of the best shin guards for non-professional hockey players due to its best features.