Top 5 Refrigerator Brands In India

Refrigerators are one of the important home appliances  which are offered by many companies. With wide range of options being available in the market  selection of refrigerator is quite confusing but one must look for the best factors like power consumption, capacity/size, price, colors, eco-friendliness, Bio fresheness and warranty prior to purchase. All the these factors must be considered before buying the product.

As there are many brands which offer best refrigerators, following are the list of Top Refrigerators in India which might help one to narrow down to a brand matching their requirement.

Top 5 Refrigerator Brands In India

5. Videocon refrigerators: It is one of the best brands in electronics area and offers best refrigerators with latest blue ion technology along with many other modern features. One can select the refrigerator types like side by side, frost free and direct cool. Videocon refrigerators come with magic cool technology, nano silver anti bacteria, CFC free along with the LCD display. It also includes crisper cover with humidity control along with a water dispenser inside. Videocon offers refrigerators with safety glass shelves along with power saving capacity. It includes wide range of products which ranges from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 99,000.


4. Godrej refrigerator: Godrej offers r wide range of refrigerators based on the concept of frost free and direct cool technology. Godrej is introducing new edge pro refrigerator with 6 star performance. It is one of the best refrigerators which save 15% energy when compared to other refrigerators. Edge pro technology stands first with its best advanced features like high freshness, health safety, advanced storage capacity and much more. It offers refrigerators in stylish designs with price range starting from Rs. 9,000.


3. Whirlpool refrigerator: It is the best known brand for refrigerators which comes with 6th sense technology. It offers its products with key features like high speed cold air inflow, full circulation of cold air, longer cooling retention along with power saving and e-lighting capacity which enables uninterrupted lightning with Ni-Cd auto chargeable battery. One can select the category based on single door, double door, multi door and French door bottom mount refrigerators. It also offers veg fresh crisper technology which allows keeping 10 times more moisture capacity when compared to others. Whirlpool offers its refrigerators with price ranging from Rs. 13,500 to Rs. 1, 50,000.


2. Samsung Refrigerators: Samsung offers excellent refrigerator models with unique fusion of art and science. One can explore its products by selecting based on French door, side by side door, bottom freeze, frost free, direct cool. It featured its products with super cooling technology along with slick covered simple, power saving,  clean looking, less noise, voltage control, anti bacterial protector and many more. Besides these Samsung offer direct cool fresh kit and deodorizing filter that absorbs bad odor in the refrigerator and helps in maintaining the products fresh and healthy. It offers refrigerators with price range starting from RS. 13,000 to Rs. 2, 09,000.


1. LG: LG is the best brand which offers refrigerators with latest technology and innovative features. LG offers wide range of refrigerators with wide range of types like side by side, double door and single door refrigerator. It is the best and the first brand in the world to introduce wonder door refrigerator with amazing style and convenience.  It offers its products with best features like ever cool refrigerators, power saving, new smart inverter compressor, health guard, warranty and many more. LG refrigerators include other features like ice making, vitamin plus and capacity to work without stabilizer and can aesthetically fit the interior of the room. LG offers wide range of refrigerators with price range of Rs. 13, 500 to Rs. 1, 91,000 with trendy designs and excellent features.