Top 5 Tips for a Snooker Player

If you are a sporty person and you want to learn snooker and develop its basic skills to become professional through constant practice and commitment, here is the list of Best 5 Snooker Tricks for you to master in this game.

Top 5 Techniques for a Snooker Player

5. Rehearsal


This is very important for a snooker player. This helps the player to get his eye on the ball and shot the ball perfectly inside the pockets. The more you practice, the more it is easier to get the shots in a much easier way. Thus the best way of learning is to practice again and again which will help you to become a good snooker player.

4. The Posture


The stance is very important for a snooker player. It helps a player to play the shots in a right way. It includes many tips for example, your left foot should in front, knees bent and loose enough to allow the hips to swivel. Your right foot should be near the shot and it should be straight. For lefties, reverse the foot postures. Your posture should be comfortable enough for you so that you can hold it until the end of the end.

3. The Bridge

The Bridge

The third tip is very important as it explains how to form that very important bridge- the ‘v’ – between your thumb and forefinger. To form the bridge, your fingers should be straight with well spaced and at a good height. You can adjust the bridge to suit your shot and you also need to check the distance of your fingers from the ball to play a good shot. Your finger should be flexible enough so that you can adjust it depending on your shots.

2. Approach


While playing snooker, your approach is very important. Your stance, your way of hitting the ball decides your approach. If your approach will not stand up to the mark then you will not be able to hit the ball in a right way. So, before playing shots it is very important to think and act accordingly.

1. The Cue Grip

The Cue Grip

Before you start playing the shots, you need to be comfortable with the cue. Cue needs to be a straight line as per your planned shot. Make a bridge with your thumb and forefinger little tight so as to maintain a good grip which will help to play good shots.