Top 6 Best HeaIth Insurance Companies in India

Health insurance is a protection scheme that guarantees the insurer to repay the amount in case of sickness or injury.  Nowadays with the advancement of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, the medical costs are ever increasing in the hospitals; it is problematic to afford expenses ourselves. In this case Medical insurance policy stands as an advantage scheme to cover ourselves as well as for our family. Some companies offer health insurance policy as a benefit to the employees, in that case all the medical bill expenses will be afforded by the company. In India, employees under certain sectors like railways, army along with the central government employees are offered with free health insurance scheme.

As there are many Health Insurance Companies for Individuals, it may be quite confusing to choose the best health insurance policy in India. In order to help you we are providing the list of Top 6 health insurance providers in India; review them to choose the best company.

Top 6 Medical Insurance Companies in India

6. New India Assurance Co. Ltd:

New India Assurance

It is a Government owned multinational company which provides health insurance to the individuals in the name of Med Claim. It provides reimbursement in case of any health problem from illness to major surgery. It offers insurance between 5 to 80 years age people and children from 3 months to 5 years of age and the insurance services starts from the first day of policy. Even the company includes Jan Arogya Bhima Policy for the weaker sections of society. For the policy holder Company assures to afford all the medical expenses in case of diseases, accidental illness or injuries. It also offers cancer Insurance Policy for the members of cancer Patients Aid Association. Even this policy is applicable to the customers if they fell sick in other countries. It also offers other hospital benefits in case of dialysis, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, laser treatment etc.  For further information about latest policies and plans their website can be referred.

5. United India Insurance:

United India Insurance

It offers health insurance products like Family, Medicare Gold, Platinum, Senior citizen, Top up and super top up. It offers to afford limited expenses in Hospitalization of the primary holder in case of knee joint replacement, brain tumor surgeries, cancer surgeries, cardiac surgeries etc and if insurer suffers from illness or bodily injury through accident or undergo any surgery in the hospital then company offer to pay through third party administrator scheme. In case of AYUSH treatment, the company affords to pay the medical bill only if the treatment is undergone in Government hospital. For entire family health needs and family plans, customers can refer their website

4. Max Bupa Medical Policy:

Max Bupa Medical Policy

It is one of the top companies to offer health insurance policy.  It offers to save premium amount if you buy it online for two year terms along with the tax saving option. It affords to pay pre and post hospitalization medical expenses for the whole family along with the policy holder. In case of inpatient treatment it will repay the hospital bills and incase of illness to accidental injuries or surgeries it offers free treatment in the hospitals. It provides easy option to calculate the premium amount by using the tool on the site where one can know the amount to pay for the policy. It also offers fast settlement of claims within 10 working days and incase of delay it offers to repay with 6% per annum interest.  For latest health policy and to buy online health insurance, you can refer maxbupa website.

3. TATA AIG Health Insurance:

Tata AIG Insurance

This is an alliance company between Tata group and American International group and provides insurance for wide range of categories including health policy. It offers to afford insurance for the whole family along with the insurer. One can save tax by choosing the health insurance policy of this company and even you have option to avail it by filling the form provided on the site. It offers 180 days of Hospitalization cash benefit for the family members. Even you can claim reimbursement and receive up to Rs 25,000 for accidental Medical expenses even without hospitalization. It affords to pay for accidental illness, surgeries, sickness etc in any Indian hospital. For more information about the medical plans, health plans and online health insurance details, you can refer Tata AIG website

2. Reliance Life Insurance:

Relaince Life Insurance

Life policies are mainly meant for protection and Reliance assures to serve financial needs of customers by providing health gain policy. It covers girl child/ single woman benefit along with the family benefit. In case of unexpected illness or accidents then company offers to pay the medical expenses. It also offers wide range of sum from 3 lakhs to 18 lakhs incase of accidents, surgeries or on hospitalization due to any diseases. It offers lifelong renewal benefit to the customers and give responses to the customers within 24 hours. It even pays ambulance fees along with it company offers free helpline services and many more. For any queries about the health plans and other insurance related details, customers can refer to their website.

1. Star Health Insurance:

Star Health Insurance

It is the India’s largest health insurance company which provides many benefits to the insurance holder as well as to his family members. It include extra ordinary features like free hospitalization benefits with no charges on rent and treatment within 1 hour. It also offers coverage for outpatient of Dental and ophthalmic treatments and maternity cover. It offers the customers with the free health checkups along with guaranteed lifetime renewals. It also includes star senior citizen policy for citizens aged between 60 to 75 years. It has a large network hospital base of over 5700 hospitals across India. It offers 2407 tele medical assistance in order to provide the services to the customers and for latest information, customers can refer to their website