Top five Badminton Racket Brands

Badminton is considered as one of the famous sports of all time. As in most sports equipments plays a virtual role to match the potential of a player. In the same way if you are looking for best badminton racket brands, your search ends here. Here is the list of Best five Badminton Racket Brands that you can read and use it in your daily practice.

Famous Badminton Racket Brands

5. Black Knight

Black Knight
This is one of the famous Brands which was founded in the year1976 by racquet sport enthusiasts with a true commitment for the development of sports. This brand offers various kinds of products such as stringing accessories, shuttle cocks, bags and many more. The various models of badminton rackets of this brand are usually light in weight, generate great power and is flexible for use for a player. Various models of this brand are also available for the usage of non-professional players.

4. Yang- Yang

Yang Yang
This is one of the best Badminton Racket Brands to use for a badminton player. This brand provides ideal choices for a player who wants to tune their skills according to their specific playing styles. The rackets of this brand usually carries multi-angle frame designs. Most of the models by this brand provide pretty good power, control and feel. It usually comes in affordable price as compared to other brands.

3. Prince

It is one of the famous Badminton Racket Brands. It uses AVS technology which provides excellent aerodynamics and results in generating 20% more speed than other badminton rackets. It is the only brand which uses such technology as that of various other brands. It is also the first brand to use OS in badminton. The rackets of this brand are much used by a player because of its exclusive features and are also considered as one of the top Racket brands of all time.

2. Carlton

These rackets are popular for recreational players. It has a choice of titanium alloy heads with steel shafts. These rackets have a heavier head balance and a classic head shape. The rackets of this brand features high power due to heavier head balance but various models of this brand needs improvement in the features like frame construction, head geometry and many other areas.

1. Yonex

It is considered as one of the best Badminton Racket Brands for a Badminton Player. It manufactures six different series of rackets. Each model has its exclusive features. For example the Arc Saber series of four different rackets are mostly used by professional players but its basic series has an aluminium frame and steel shaft. It offers graphic frames feature depending on the racket series and carries some of the extraordinary features which is mostly preferred among all.