Top 10 Music,MP3 Websites in India

Music is a part of life to people of many cultures and children who study music always seems to have large vocabularies and advanced reading skills when compared to non-musicians. Today music has been very easy for children, young and old people which are available online. In fact, some movies are mainly based on music theme and are also been a success only with music.

It may be Bollywood, Indian Pop, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc; you can listen from anywhere in the world through these Online Music Websites. Some sites place the music which is of free cost and you can have Free Music Download of many songs which are legal. Whereas some websites charge for downloading the songs. Here are the Top 10 Music Download Websites in India which is constantly updated  MP3 Websites according to Alexa Global Traffic Rank

Top 10 Music Websites:

Music Industry is blessed with many best-talented musicians and lyricists, singers and there are many evergreen songs composed by the musicians. Following are the Top 10 Music Websites in India; details are given for customer reference. is an Indian website where users can listen to any type of Indian music or even to other languages like Pakistani Pop albums, instrumental songs, wedding songs, Tamil songs, afghani songs etc. With the caption “Let the Music Play” users can play the music they love. To listen to the music through the website, users can refer is a free online music website offering Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English songs to music lovers all over the world. Users can also get the latest updates about actors, actresses and also latest movie trailers, videos, short films etc. You can also watch the star tweets and also movie reviews through this online website. In order to create your own music list, it is necessary to know how to Sign up for Music Website so that users can create any number of albums under one username. You can also download wallpaper from the website and can also watch behind the screen scenes in


Dhingana is an Indian music online website which offers a wide range of music choice to its users in many languages. Users can create once own playlist and can also share to their friends. Along with new movie songs releases, the online site also focuses on Top 10 MP3 Music and also Bollywood today updates. You can also view and listen to Bollywood videos, gossips and also songs are available as a package and to know more details about the online website, you can refer

Saregama is started in the year 1901 as Gramophone Company of India Ltd which is famous in the entertainment sector. It is one among the Top 10 Music Websites in India which is associated with India’s greatest singers, musicians, composers, and producers. Its content which is associated with music is available on internet sites across the world including iTunes, eMusic, MSN, Sony, Bharti, Soundbuzz etc. IT also conducted several entertainment programs in many channels and users can get the latest updates and songs through

This is the world’s shortest email address site which brings latest best news, Entertainment, Downloads, Games, Food, Live TV Channels etc. Users can find a wide range of multimedia content, celebrities, TV channels, music videos, and games. For any questions, comments or suggestions about, you can write an email to

Saavn is the largest music library having millions of songs, albums and playlists of Bollywood, bhangra, bhajans, ghazals etc. It adds the new releases every day and users can share, discover the new music with friends and family very easily. You need not separately save the music to transfer to friends through Facebook. It automatically syncs through online. You can just hit play for any song to be a part of the conversation through

Gaana is a free and licensed website launched in the year 2011 which provides both Indian and International musical songs. The users can also comment on the songs, add the playlist and the songs or playlists can also be shared with friends through twitter or facebook. Basing on the interest of the user, users can select albums, songs, and artists to listen to the songs through

YouTube founded in the year 2005 allows billions of users to watch and share originally created videos. It also acts as a platform for people helping to connect across the world and acts as a distribution media for large and small advertisers. You can also download the latest songs, classical songs, old songs along with videos through The unregistered users can watch or listen to the songs whereas the registered users can upload the unlimited number of videos into the site.

Raaga is an Indian website which streamlines on music offering songs and videos of different languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Bengali etc. “A Word of Music” is the slogan people can see on the first page of the website which is the exact sense the site is to deliver the music lovers. It is one among the top 10000 sites in the world and you can play whatever song you want to listen through Online MP3 Website

If you are looking for any variety of songs online, of different language you can visit and can listen to many songs of Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc. You can view the Songs Chart, Artists Chart, Albums Chart and can listen according to your interest. Classical music lovers have a separate classical session so that they can directly visit the classical songs instead of searching.