Top Washing Machine Brands In India

With the advent of Washing Machine gone are those days , where every cloth has to be dipped, rubbed,brushed and dried.  Washing machines  have nowadays become part and parcel of everybody’s life. They are very useful not only for working people but also for Home Makers. It is very good invention which every women in this world would appreciate. It saves lot of time and energy of people. It is very interesting to know that the first patent for a washing machine was filed in the early years of 1691 though it has been in widely use in India over the past 15 years only.  The Early washing machines were only hand spinner type but  nowadays there are lots of brands of Washing Machine available in the market offering top loading, front loading, fully automatic and semi automatic washing machines.

Keeping in view of the usage you can  choose the best washing machine which can offer more advantages. Following are the list of Top 5 Washing Machines In India which offer best models and energy efficient features.

Top 5 Washing Machine Brands In India:

5. IFB washing machines: IFB which stands for “India Fine Blanks” offers washing machines which are built with the German technology and have distinctive features when compared to the other brands. It includes Aqua Energie model which helps to use the detergents properly and make the clothes softer. It also comes with the sensors which can find out any imbalance during the spin and it automatically corrects the problem. It also makes less sound during insulation. It also have shower and water jets and also offer added advantages like less electricity consumption, less water consumption and less powder consumption. As it has more eco friendly features and advantages IFB stands as the best provider of washing machines in India at reasonable prices.


4. Samsung washing machine: Samsung is one of the leading providers of electronics in the world. It offers top washing machine models with best features and one can select based on the need and type like front loading, top loading and semi automatic. Even you have option to select the machines based on the need like Do laundry once, keep it clean and eco bubble technology.  With the advanced techniques it provide drum with small holes for better fabric care. It includes wide range of models with specific features which attracts the users.


3. Whirlpool washing machine: It is also one of the top washing machine brands which have been chosen by many people as it offers best features within affordable range. It comes with 1-2-1-2 model hand wash supported with built in heater. It also include advanced 6th sense technology and offers 4 types which include fully automatic 3600, fully automatic (top load), semi automatic and fully automatic (front load) washing machines. Whirlpool offers its products with smart colors and stylish designs. It includes top features which support heavy wash, pre wash, normal wash, delicate wash, quick wash and hot water wash. It also includes large LCD display with faster rim speed.  With all its best and eco friendly features it stands as one of the best washing machine brand in India.


2. Videocon washing machine: It is also one of the top brands which offer best washing machines in India. It offers different types like fully automatic front load, fully automatic top loading and semi automatic washing machines and based on these types it provides excellent features on its products. Videocon is India’s first tilt drum washing machine provider. You can select the washing machine based on the capacity filter like 5.5kg, 6kg and 6.5 kg.  It offers excellent features like fuzzy logic, 8 wash program, variable spin selection, quick wash, strong wash, memory back up, rinse hold, child lock and many more within mid price range.


1. LG washing machine: LG is the best electronic brand which offers washing machines with latest and best technology with smart colors and stylish designs. It offers various types of washing machines which include Front loading washing machine, top loading washing machines, washer dryers, and semi-automatic washing machines. LG always tries to bring out the best quality products with affordable price range to suit people of all ranges. LG brings its products with features like Inverter direct drive technology, wrinkle prevention, pre wash, intensive wash, hand wash, hygienic wash ,digital display, child lock system and many more.  With advanced features in its products LG stands as the best brand for washing machines.